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Increasing efficiency

Aarbakke has invested in a large new lathe that will significantly boost efficiency. The new machine is a Mazak Cybertech Turn 4500M, with 11 tools, two boring bars, a tailstock and rotating tools.

About the Mazak Cybertech Turn 4500M
  • 11 tools
  • 2 special boring bars: Ø80 mm length 1,150 mm, Ø100 mm length 1,200 mm
  • Spindle bore Ø320 mm
  • Hydraulic stay Ø100–410 mm
  • Chuck 660 mm/26"
  • Turning diameter over X axis Ø800 mm
  • Turning length 3,800 mm
“The special thing about the new lathe is that we can push parts through the spindle and process long workpieces – up to several metres in length, depending on the diameter. The machine also has long boring bars, which allows us to turn up to 1,200 millimetres in length internally,” explains Production Manager Magnar Nødland.
The new lathe will replace an older, smaller model. However, the new machine will not only increase capacity, it will also significantly boost efficiency.
“With the new machine, quicker, more reliable and economical handling of materials will increase efficiency by 40 per cent,” explains Nødland.
CNC operator Rolf Mæland is delighted with the new lathe. He is particularly impressed by its accuracy and high degree of user-friendliness.
“It’s like swapping from a battered old car to a brand-new model: it’s a whole new world,” smiles Mæland. “You always had a bit of extra work to do with the old lathe, but things are easier with the new one. It’s naturally a benefit to be able to process larger sections, but more important is the extra capacity we get on the same size sections compared with the old machine. This makes it extremely stable and accurate – and quick,” he concludes.

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