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Unimek named supplier of the year

At the end of November, Aarbakke gathered together some 60 of our subcontractors to share experiences and review the plans and opportunities ahead.

"We are dependent on diligent, skilled subcontractors to be able to provide the capacity that our customers demand. At the same time, thanks to our size and standing, our subcontractors get the opportunity to work on contracts that they would not otherwise have been able to contribute to. Fortunately, we are based in a region where there is good access to very many skilled and highly specialised subcontractors," says CEO Inge Brigt Aarbakke.
At the meeting, Inge Brigt Aarbakke and Atle Eide, Senior Partner in HitecVision, awarded the Supplier of the Year prize to Unimek. Unimek has been a supplier to Aarbakke since 1997 and won the title because during the past year they have been the best in terms of quality and delivery precision.
"Unimek is a prime example of what we want from our subcontractors. They set equally high standards for themselves as we do," says Inge Brigt Aarbakke.
"We are thrilled and proud to have received this award. It is a veritable seal of quality for us, as Aarbakke sets very high requirements for quality and delivery precision. For many years now, we have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Aarbakke, based on dialogue and mutual exchange of knowledge and experience," says Kjell Kyllingstad, CEO of Unimek.

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