Quality Control - Aarbakke AS

Quality Control

All components are being verified and documented throughout the entire manufacturing process by state of the art control equipment
  • 4 top modern cordinate measurement machines (CMM) to verify strict tolerances and complex geometries
    • Crysta-Apex C205020 (5x2 meters and up to 6 tons)
    • Crysta-Apex S123010 (3x1 meters and up to 3 tons)
    • Crysta-Apex S776 (1,5x0,9 meters and up to 0,8 tons)
    • Romer 2025 (Portable measuring arm)
  • 2 contour scanners
    • Hommel Etamic Opticline C314
    • Starrett Projector VF600 
  • 2 Videoscopes 
  • Hardness testing  (HRA, HRC, HRB, HBW and HR30N) 
  • Gaugemaker (MT-3000) for API, Stub and Stub Acme threads 
  • All other required quality control measurement equipment